A Universe of Stories
2019 Summer Reading Program at the Oxford Public Library

Summer Reading Has Hit the Halfway Mark!

For the next two weeks, the library is hosting a Storywalk, called “Firsts in Space,” in the downtown.  Summer reading participants are invited to come and get a fact sheet to fill out as they walk the route and learn about some of the amazing achievements in space exploration.  When they are finished, they can return the sheet, receive a treat, and be entered for a prize drawing.  All are welcome to enjoy learning about some of the amazing accomplishment in space and where America has been in this “Space Race.”



Aliens visited the library last week as we looked at alien stories (fact and fiction) found in our culture.




Star Stories were featured two weeks ago at the library.  Both groups learned about the amazing speed of light (travels 186,000 miles per second) and how this measurement is used in deep space (light years).  The Quasars had the opportunity to create constellations from pretzels and marshmallows.  This is the constellation Leo (a lion).